[Opendj] problem with data corruption

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Thank you for helping.
Our configuration is really simple : one server, and no replication activated.
Until yesterday, the following plugin was activated : Referential Integrity.
For this plugin, we decided to activate it early december, because we needed it. We decided to disable it yesterday after the following problem :
We sent a ldif script to the server to change rdn of several users (uid). We expected to have their membership would update correctly, but we noticed that many changed users had lost their membership for many groups. Some groups had still the old dn, instead of the new dn. As we encounter several problems with our ldap, we thought that it could be related. Maybe it's wasn't.

For the config.ldif, I'm sending it to you directly.

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Hi Dominique,

Do you have a single server or a couple with replication enabled ?

I agree, from the audit log, it looks like the member disappear. The fact that you can add it again without any error is an indication that the member is not already present in the entry.

Have you enabled any specific plugin ?

Would it be possible to share your config.ldif ? (if you prefer, mail it directly to me rather than the mailing list).

Kind regards,


On Feb 1, 2012, at 15:40 , DJP JEAN-PROST Dominique wrote:


I'm here again, because the problem is still not fixed for us, and we still meet daily problem.

Here what we did to give more information :
dsconfig -h host -p port  -D "bind DN" -w password  -Xn set-log-publisher-prop --publisher-name "File-Based Audit Logger" --set enabled:true
This will give us in audit file the list of data modification done in our server.
Please find as an attachment the case me managed to record. The problem occurs with the creation process of user « n.nuninger »

The process is made of :
1 : user creation
2 : add it in 4 groups (EspaceClient, UtilisateurGC, collectivite, DeclarationBASaisieInternet)
3 : wait for problem to occur (the user is not in one of the group anymore)
4 : make a search to check if it's in the group
5 : if not, add it again

In audit log, you can find (I removed several lines here to ease reading. You'll find in the complete log the whole data)
(etime in nanoseconds)

With the following information, I hope someone will be able to help us, because the problem is really annoying for us.
Best regards,

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