[Opendj] Problem importing OpenLDAP data into OpenDJ

Matt Stevenson mavricknzwork at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 15:06:29 EST 2012

Hi Sonny,

You should be able to use the --skipFile and --rejectFile options for some logs.

It's most likely that you have more than one structural object class on entries try (after failure in case you don't ;) )...

./bin/dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop --set single-structural-objectclass-behavior:warn -p 4444 -X -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w "XXXXX" -n


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Subject: [Opendj] Problem importing OpenLDAP data into OpenDJ


I currently migrating from OpenLDAP to OpenDJ.  I have been able to successfully load the OpenLDAP schemas into OpenDJ and am now trying to load the data  from a slapcat output file.  99% of the data that is being rejected using the import-ldif command
in offline mode.  There doesn’t appear to be any log output and I don’t have much detail as to why the import failed.  Is there a way to get more detailed information on the rejected entries?


Sonny J Zambrana

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