[OpenAM] Authentication Chain Problem

Hillert, Paul T. Paul.Hillert at Channelvantage.com
Wed May 2 18:40:17 BST 2012

Hi all,

I have an authentication chain set up in a subrealm consisting of 3 modules.  The first two I have set up as SUFFICIENT, the last one (the embedded datastore) I have set up as REQUIRED.  In the case of the first two modules, users are authenticated based on differences in requestIP and/or request headers, not by logging in.  My issue is that when I am trying to authenticate with a valid user/valid headers etc., to either module, the rest of the chain is executed afterwards regardless.   This is causing an infinite redirection loop back to the OpenAM DataStore authentication module.  I am hoping that maybe there is some setting that I am forgetting?  I have been up and down the OpenAM console and reconfigured my policy agent multiple times trying to see what could be wrong, but no luck.  Any suggestions are welcome, I’m thinking it should be something simple I’m just overlooking.

Is there any reason that a user authenticated through a SUFFICIENT module should ever be passed down any further in the chain though?


Paul Hillert

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