[OpenAM] ssoadm realm setup

Hillert, Paul T. Paul.Hillert at Channelvantage.com
Fri Apr 27 22:01:57 BST 2012


I’m trying to automate the creation of an authentication chain through the ssoadm tool.  I am able to properly create everything, however, when attempting to access a protected site I get an error on the login page: “No Configuration Found”.  Going through the Console and saving up through the Authentication Chain I’m trying to create sets something in the background, and everything works after that; I am planning on deploying the headless war though, so we can’t do this manually, I’m guessing I’m missing some other part that should be configured before running these commands?

After googling the issue, I found the following command(s) as suggestions:

Ssoadm Set-realm-svc-attrs -e myRealm -s iPlanetAMAuthService  -a iplanet-am-auth-admin-auth-module=myChain
Ssoadm Set-realm-svc-attrs -e myRealm -s iPlanetAMAuthService  -a iplanet-am-auth-org-config=myChain


ssoadm add-svc-attrs -e <YourRealm>  -s iPlanetAMAuthService -u amAdmin \
       -f <password file location for amAdmin>  \
       -a iplanet-am-auth-org-config=<Your Auth Chain>

but when I run them I get the following error:

Data validation failed for the attribute, Organization Authentication Configuration

Thanks again for your help,

Paul Hillert

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