[OpenAM] Not Able to apply Reset Password Service

vishal pahwa fundu.vishu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 17:06:57 GMT 2011

HI All

I have configured Reset Password service in my OpenAM. Now i am able to add
my custom questions for any of the user as it has been configured like this.
But when ever i am going to forgot password link,System prompts that no
question has been configured for the user but i have already configured the
questions for the same user and i can see that in the user's profile.

Right now i haven't configured SMTP server, though this is the pre requisite
for the Reset Password functionality to work but what i assumed is system
should atleast ask for the answers to the questions and the moment i'l try
to submit the info system should tell me that SMTP server has not been

Not sure if my understanding is clear or where exactly is the problem. I
have provided the *Base DN* as well as *Bind DN* correctly.


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