[OpenAM] OpenAM & Legacy Webapp running on Weblogic Server

Thomson G thomson1024 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 05:21:45 GMT 2010

Hi All ,
      Im new to OpenAM .My organization  has a legacy application that uses
OpenLDAP as its DataStore and is running on Weblogic Server . Now we would
like to implement OpenAM for SSO to this application and to another
applications on different domain implemented using Spring Security and
running on Jboss Server. First I would like to know the best way to go about
doing this for the Legacy application. Do I have to write a custom
Authenication  & Authorization Module and to achieve this and do i have to
install a J2EE agent ? I would really appreciate if someone could give me
some pointers on the best approach  to achieve this .
Thanks in advance .

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