[OpenAM] Spring Provider 3: cannot retrieve SSOToken

Salvatore Piccione salvo.picci at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 09:10:07 GMT 2010

Hello everybody,

using the Spring Provider (version 0.2) founded in the OpenAM project
extensions, I have set up a Spring Provider that is compliant to the 3rd
version of Spring. The sample application (shipped with Spring Provider 0.2)
works fine with my Spring Provider library, however the same library does
not work properly for securing a GWT Web Application. The failure point is
that the OpenSSOProcessingFilter is not able to get the SSOToken even if the
authentication process successed (in fact, after logging in order to access
the GWT Application and getting the error, I can access the sample
application with no problem - both web applications are managed by the same
identity provider). The method 'public static SSOToken
getToken(HttpServletRequest)' returns null because the method
'createSSOToken(HttpServletRequest)' of SSOTokenManager returns null. Could
this issue be caused by a misconfiguration of the policy (i.e. the requested
URL is covered by no policy)?
If you need more details or files, please let me know.
Any suggestion is welcome!

Best regards,

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