[OpenAM] WSC STS using clientHandler

Zaeher Rachid zaeher.rachid at paradigmo.com
Tue Dec 7 08:59:28 GMT 2010


I'm using openam configured with an STS environment with X509 authentication.

>From the client I'm using the ClientHandler.
Everything works fine when I'm using all the default for the keystore.

I was expecting the be able to configure all the path, passwords and alias for certificate in the AMConfig.properties but it doesn't work like this.
The configuration is retrieved from openam server in the wsc config.
whatever, I decided to specify a custom keystore, alias, keypass and storepass in this wsc configuration.
First of all, the passwords asked in the openam wsc configuration part is written in clear (hidden by stars but entered in clear).
I have seen errors regarding the decryption (so I suppose it's expecting encrypted password which is not the case)of this password in my logs when the clientHandler is trying to retrieve the certificate.
I have tried also to encode the password but It doesn't work also
And I've got an error mentioning that the keystore is not initialized.

Did anybody succeed with using custom keystore, alias for wsc STS and wsp configuration ?

For information again, It works perfectly with the default keystore in all wsc wsp, sts configuration. 

thanks for you help


Zaeher Rachid

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